SYNESTHESIA…. to perceive together… Eden Art Space

SYNESTHESIA …To perceive together… A new show opening this weekend at Eden Art Space! Commencing 15th October 2021. What Is Synesthesia? The word “Synesthesia” has Greek roots and it means ‘to perceive together’. People who have this ability are called Synesthetes. Synesthesia is when you hear music and you see colours and shapes. Or you hear a word or a name and get a particular taste, and many other sensory effects. Many artists are inspired by their other senses, particularly sound. Usually a piece of music, but it could also be a sound in nature, a busy city or just someone’s voice reading poetry. ‘Synesthesia’ is an immersive experience! You will be able to listen to the music and sounds that inspired each artist / piece of art, as you absorb the wonderful works of art! We hope you will join us in supporting and encouraging our local artists!


Oct 15 2021 - Nov 30 2021
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